Dress Them Young: Teaching Sustainability Through Kids’ Fashion

Growing children experience mental and physical changes during the first years of their lives. The first years of their lives are when they develop cognitive skills and undergo an exhaustive learning process. Fashion is one thing that they will not understand, and the parents have to instil the advantages of sustainability through kids’ fashion and essential life hacks.

Everything around them is new, and the yearning to learn new things is on an overdrive. It is the right time for them to learn diverse skills, imbibe good habits, and also to learn the importance of taking care of nature for their own better fashion.

Teaching sustainability to kids enhances their essential skills. Also, it provides a sensible view of the surroundings in which they live. Notably, children are kind to animals and nature, and through this, a parent can teach them about sustainable clothing and where it comes from.

Join us in exploring the fascinating intersection where education meets sustainability. Discover and leverage the impact of sustainable fashion as a tool to introduce and enable sustainable development concepts to your children, empowering them to make a positive change.

  1. Quintessential Role of Parents and Children in Sustainable Fashion

  • Help in Decision Making

Kids need to be older to purchase their own clothes or accessories. This aspect creates an opportunity for both parents and kids to get involved in different ecological practices that include shopping online for sustainable kids’ wear or at physical outlets.

  • Early Introduction of Sustainable Kid’s Wear

While children are in the process of mixing and matching outfits, this is the perfect time for conscious parents to introduce sustainable clothing to them, for example, Khela Kids – 6 month Ethically Made Peter pan collar baby shirt, Livbio Organic Cotton & Naturally Fiber Dyed Grey Melange Kids T-shirt, ELFIN HOUSE – Organic Cotton Dahlia Kids Dress.

  • Prioritize Eco-friendly Actions

Parents can set an exemplary example for their children by prioritizing eco-friendly actions and encouraging them to be more conscious and innovative with their choices. Kids love to imitate their parents, and you can hone their DIY skills by choosing Use Me Works – DIY Aprons For Kids. This enables them to imbibe strong values and play a part in building a greener future by purchasing sustainable products.

  1. Benefits of Sustainable Kids Wear

  • Eco-Friendly Comfort

Sustainable kid’s wear is made using organic fabrics that are safe for their skin and comfortable. Apart from this factor, the organic fabrics are made from organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, TENCEL, and bamboo. They are durable and strong, thus rendering them useful in the long run. You are not only dressing your kids in fashionable and comfortable clothing but also collectively supporting sustainability efforts.

  • Can Withstand Playtime Adventures

The fact that sustainable kids’ wear is made using organic fabrics that are not exposed to harsh chemical dyes or pesticides improves the sustainable clothing’s strength and durability. Kids love to play, and often, their clothing is subjected to wear and tear. With sustainable kids’ wear, you need not worry as the fabric can endure their playtime adventures.

  • Versatile and Fashionable Sustainable Kids Clothing

Sustainable kid’s clothing comes in various styles that include T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers (GREENDIGO – Organic Oxford Pull-on Joggers), pants, sustainable ethnic kids clothing (The Cotton Staple – Safi Cotton Kurta Set & The Cotton Staple – Cotton Orla Ikat Set), spillproof clothes (Greendigo Organic Cotton Pack of 3 Jhablas for Newborn Babies), shirts, shorts and many more. These casual clothing essentials keep your kid’s skin safe, are comfortable to be in for a long time, and are also good for nature.


Through sustainable kids’ fashion wear and sustainable kids’ accessories like UPCYCLIE – Kids Backpack, parents can teach their wards how to take care of their clothes, imparting the realization that they can be passed on to their younger siblings and also to donate old clothes to charity rather than dumping them into waste.

Upcycleluxe is a dedicated online sustainable marketplace offering eco-friendly products from Indian sustainable fashion brands, organic skincare brands, and sustainable stationery products like books, journals, and pencils to kickstart your kid’s sustainable journey.


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