Enjoy The Festivities In Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland 2023

As the world enjoys winter and the festive season, Overwatch 2 unfolds its seasonal marvel – The Winter Wonderland. Starting from December 19 to January 9, the arenas of the game will be transformed into festive wintry realms.


Whether you are a veteran Overwatch 2 player or a newbie, the limited-time event offers a memorable escapade into a fantasy world of holiday bliss,  where the game’s universe brings the spirit of the season to life. If you don’t have an Overwatch 2 account yet, buy Overwatch account here at the best prices! U7BUY offers a diverse selection of Overwatch accounts for sale, catering to different preferences and gaming goals.

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland Overview

Let’s dive into Overwatch 2’s festive heart, where legendary heroes thrive in a picturesque, snow-filled wonderland.

The Game Modes

The following game modes will be available as Winter Brawls to play during the time of the event in the arcade:


  1. Mei’s Snowball Offensive: A 6v6 match on Ecopoint: Antarctica, where everyone is Mei. Her abilities are tweaked: her primary fire is reduced to a single but deadly snowball that must be recharged at the map’s snow piles. In place of her Blizzard ultimate, she gains Flurry, briefly granting her an infinite supply of snowballs.


  1. Snowball Deathmatch: Just like Mei’s Snowball Offensive, everyone will play as Mei, but it’s each on their own with an 8-player-free-for-all deathmatch. Mei is equipped with a modified snowball gun and a new ability, “Catch,” which allows players to catch enemy snowballs, which add to their ammo. The first person to reach 15 kills will emerge victorious.


  1. Yeti Hunter: This is a 5v1 mode where 5 players will be Mei (Yeti Hunters), and 1 player will be Winston (Yeti). The Yeti has to collect pieces of meat around the map to charge up his ultimate, Primal Rage, while the hunters try to hunt him down. If he is successful in triggering his ult, the hunt is reversed, and now the Meis have to protect themselves from the Yeti.


  1. Freezethaw Elimination: In this mode, two teams of 4 are pitted against each other, with the primary goal of freezing all opponent members to secure victory. When a player is hit by the enemy, they become frozen but they can be revived if a teammate thaws them out. The match ends when one team successfully freezes every member of the opposing team, making coordination and teamwork crucial in this tactical game mode.

The Overwatch Skins

Winter Wonderland has brought new and returning holiday skins, which can be acquired in two ways: either through Event Tickets or from the Shop using Credits. The skins include Winter Jammies Illari, Formalwear Baptiste, and Formalwear Cassidy for 90 Event Tickets each; Kerrigan Widowmaker and Wrapping Paper Reinhardt for 160 Event Tickets each; Formalwear Tracer for 3000 Credits in the Winter Fair Bundle; and Formalwear Sojourn for 2100 Credits in the Shop. Additionally, Jingle Belle Mercy, Nutcracker Pharah, and Festive Kiriko are upcoming skins yet to be released in the Shop.

For every nine games played, you receive 10 Event Tickets on the free track, with wins counting double for earning tickets. Just for 500 Overwatch Credits, you can get an additional 30 on the premium track by buying the Premium Event Pass. Therefore, shop now and stay on top of your style game in Overwatch 2.

The Challenges

Players can complete specific event challenges to gain extra Battle Pass XP. These challenges include earning a set of 10 Winter Fair Tickets for 10,000 XP, completing 3 games each of Freezethaw Elimination, Yeti Hunt, and either Mei’s Snowball Offensive or Snowball Deathmatch for 2500 XP each. Additionally, players can earn 2500 XP for completing 8, 16, 24, and 32 games respectively. This helps the players to progress through their Battle Pass at a faster rate.


In conclusion

make sure to participate in Winter Wonderland 2023 to truly enjoy the festive season of the game in the form of exciting challenges and rewards.

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