More Than Protection: The Strategic Role of Packaging Inserts

“With our creative and personalized Packaging Inserts, you can add a personal touch to every customer’s purchase.”

If you’re looking at packaging inserts to protect your range of products or to be used in your subscription businesses, you’re at the right spot.

Stay tuned while we go over the various designs of custom packaging inserts that are available for each type of product. There are also a variety of marketing inserts you might consider as a way to boost the potential for engagement as well as upsells.

Types Of Packaging Inserts

The packaging inserts are use for promotional purposes. First, they aid in product safety and protection; the other type is use as multi-purpose advertising cards.

Custom Box Inserts

A few of the benefits of custom box inserts include:

Efficient blocking (preventing moving from side to side) or bracing (preventing the up and down movement) of any or all products in your box. Decreasing or removing the shock and the damage that your items may sustain during the time your package goes through storage transportation, hand delivery

  • Compartmentalizing the items to prevent them from colliding with the other
  • Reduced labor is require to apply protective wraps or assemble empty void fills.
  • Improve presentation of the product that results in happy experiences when unboxing

Below are the most commonly use types of packaging inserts you can pick from:

1.The Corrugated Carton

The corrugated cardboard inserts usually separate the item from the cardboard box’s walls. The fluting of their layers cushions the thing and absorbs the shock absorbed through the object if it is struck during storage, shipping, or delivery by hand.

Because of their weight, they aren’t suitable for smaller items that require a lot of forms. Like paperboard inserts, however, white paper is perfect for color printing, as Kraft paper can be use for print in black-and-white. Discover more about the differences by reading our article on the difference between corrugated and cardboard cartons.


Many recycle paper sheets are then joined by glue and pressed to make chips or board particles. They’re less thick than corrugated board and feature no flutes. Furthermore, they are ideal for light and solid objects. In addition, they make excellent inlays, dividers, and pads to stack things like corrugated inserts.

3.Paperboard Box Inserts

The paperboard might be less thick than corrugated cartons. Though, that’s why they’re flexible. It is simple & easy to fold and shape them into any custom shape or size you like. Solid bleached Sulfate (SBS) for top-quality colored printing and unbleached brown Kraft papers for black and white printing is the most commonly used choices for paperboard.

These are also the cheapest box inserts that work with the cardboard box. Learn more about them using our complete guide on personalized package inserts.

4.Molded Or Paper Pulp

Box makers mix recycled paper with cardboard for paper pulp and mold them into various sizes and shapes to protect glassware, electronic devices, ceramics, and other fragile products. Furthermore, traditional egg carton boxes and a variety of wine packaging make use of this type of insert.

5.Packaging For Mushrooms

An additional highly recommended environmentally friendly insert is packaging manufacture from mushrooms. Furthermore, it comprises mycelium, the mushroom’s root system, hemp hurd, or the fibers inside hemp stalks. Its insulating properties make it advisable for edible and temperature-sensitive goods.

6.Foam Inserts For Boxes

Custom foam inserts for boxes are a lightweight material that can be customized to fit the particular shape of a product. As a result, foam is a cushioning as well as a protecting alternative to protect delicate products.

There are three different levels of foam inserts for boxes: low (polyethylene, also known as XLPE), medium (expanded polyethylene, known as EPE), and high density (ethylene-vinyl Acetate, known as EVA,). The lightweight and flexible polyurethane (which resembles the substance use to produce dishwashing sponges) comes in a diversity of densities.

7.Plastic Molded

Plastic is another material with a range of sizes and thicknesses. The most popular are polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene Terephthalate (create from recycle polymer that is use in food items).

How Packaging Inserts Can Increase Your Sales?

Packaging inserts are another item online companies can add to their packages before delivering them to clients and are an ideal way of leveling up your fulfillment and shipping method. Inserts for packaging (also known as packaging inserts) typically come in unexpected packages and are a great way to build credibility with potential customers. The customer doesn’t need to pay extra for the packaging insert.

A company can use a package insert to increase awareness about its promotions or campaigns and also provide additional value. All in all, they are an affordable and scalable method of building relationships with your consumers.

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