Remington Hot Springs : Best Time to Visit Remington Hot Springs

Commercially constructed pools called Remington Hot Springs are situated by the River Kern. They are close to the Californian town of Bodfish. Beautiful views of the surrounding forest, the river, and wildflower patches may be seen from these rock-cemented ponds. There are four pools at these hot springs. Of which there are three on the banks. The other is called Miner’s tub and is situated 50 feet above the other pools.

Remington Hot Springs: Campsites and Hiking Paths

The Native American tribes found these undeveloped natural hot ponds thousands of years ago.Not far from these hot springs, remnants of long-gone native American villages have just been discovered. It is said that the tribes held these hot springs in high regard. These mineral-rich waters have provided them with warmth, hygiene, and healing for generations. These steaming pools were later discovered by White colonists, who constructed commercialized copies so that visitors might soak in them.

These days, a group of neighbourhood residents going by the name “Friends of Remington” oversee and maintain the steaming pools. All are welcome to use the steaming pools, though, and there are no additional costs. The Lake Isabella Hot Springs are another name for the Remington Hot Springs. especially as they are situated nearer Lake Isabella.

The Ideal Time to Go to Remington Hot Springs

You may visit the Remington Hot Springs any time of year. Nonetheless, the summertime temperatures here climb quickly. Therefore, taking a dip in these steaming pools in the summer is not recommended. During the winter, the location is buried by heavy snowfall. Because of this, the region around the hot springs is transformed into a winter wonderland. You won’t soon forget the memorable sensation of soaking in these warm pools during the winter. Additionally, vibrant wildflower patches surround the hot pools in the fall and spring, creating a visually appealing environment

Directions to Remington Hot Springs

In Kern County, California, close to Bodfish Town are the Remington Hot Springs. The community of Bodfish is situated 32 miles northeast of the Sierra Nevada Valley. thirty-two miles northeast of Bakersfield. From Bakersfield, go 40.4 miles northeast on California State Route 178 to Bodfish Town.

Proceed 0.2 miles west on Columbus Avenue from Bodfish Town, keeping an eye out for Third Cross Street. At this intersection, turn right onto Caliente Bodfish Road. After 0.1 miles on the road, bear left into Kern Canyon Road. The trailhead is on the right side of the dirt parking lot, which is reached after travelling straight for 5.4 kilometres.

Additional Information Regarding Remington Hot Springs

The strong sulphur concentration in the steaming waters of the Hot Springs is immediately detectable by scent. Nonetheless, Soakers can alleviate skin irritations and infections thanks to the sulfur mineral-rich waters. The source close to the uppermost main pool feeds the steaming pools. In comparison to the other pools, it is smaller. The main pool, which is directly connected to the source, is reached via pipelines connecting the smaller pools. Consequently, the main pool’s temperature is kept at 106 degrees, which is a little higher temperature. The other two pools along the river, however, are kept at 103 and 100 degrees. Other than this, the oldest tub of all is the Miner’s tub pool, which is situated at the summit.

The temperature lies at 100 degrees.

Things to Watch Out for When Visiting Remington Hot Springs

To ensure a safer and more enjoyable bath, there are certain required measures to follow when visiting these primitive heated pools along the Kern River.

Nudity Is Not Allowed

Given that the Hot Springs are situated on Forest Service Land, it is strongly discouraged to take a naked bath in these pools. And when the Forest Rangers patrol, you could receive tickets.

Put on the Proper Hiking Shoes

Despite being short, the hiking trail to the steaming pools features some steep hills and dusty terrain. If you have poor footing, this might be risky and you could get hurt. You may improve your traction, grip, and lightweight structure by using the proper hiking shoes.

Before anything, wash your body.

It is advised to wash your body before getting in the hot springs. By following this procedure, the mineral-rich pools will remain cleaner and safer for the following visitor.

Fo Partial Body Soaking

It is crucial to take half-body baths before entering the steaming pools to allow your body to acclimate to the high temperature of the hot springs. This will lessen the likelihood that your muscles may strain and cause excruciating pain.

Clean Yourself

After soaking in these hot springs, it is recommended that you pat yourself dry with a towel rather than taking a shower. This will enable you to enjoy the many health advantages that the mineral-rich water in the undeveloped pools has to offer.

One of the most well-liked natural landmarks close to the Remington Hot Springs is the Mighty Kern River. The over 264 km long Crystal Clear River rises in the Sequoia National Park and travels across central California. Due to regular torrential downpours, devastating earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault, and ongoing glacier melting in the headwaters, the River is well-known for its severe flash foods.

In addition, the river is well-liked by both residents and visitors for the variety of activities it provides, including fishing, hiking, camping, white water rafting, fly fishing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing.

Isabella Lake

One of the largest and most scenic lakes close to the Remington Hot Springs is Lake Isabella. Because of the numerous hot springs in the area, known as the Lake Isabella Hot Springs, the lake is well-known as a recreational destination. The Pristine Blue Lake reflects the Mountain Mesa on its banks, providing breathtaking views of the mesa topography below. The Earthen Isabella Dam was built on the Kern River in the valley, resulting in the creation of Isabella Lake. Situated at a height of 2,500 feet, the Lake is situated at the terminus of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges.

The main source of water for Bakersfield, which is 40 miles to the west, is the lake that is used to hold back flooding from the Kern River. Because Isabella Lake is home to several fish species, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, blue gill, rainbow trout, and brown trout, fishing there is quite popular. There are a ton of other things available as well, such as motocross driving, hiking, backpacking, camping, fly fishing, boat trips, kayaking, snow skiing, and trout fishing.

Remarkable Hot Springs

The most well-known hot spring is Miracle Hot Springs, which lies east of Lake Isabella and close to Bodfish Town. The Hot Springs are undeveloped natural springs that have been turned into rock-bottomed and cement pools for commercial use.

There are distinctive, marketed rock formations all around the pools. Since both hot springs are situated on the banks of the Kern River, they are quite comparable to Remington Hot Springs, which is only 1.5 miles away.

Wonder Three cement pools makeup Hot Springs; the uppermost pool is directly connected to the steaming water source, and pipelines carry the heated water from this pool to the other pools. Because of this, the main pool’s temperature is somewhat higher than that of the other two pools. These pools’ mineral-rich water has several therapeutic advantages. Access to the Hot Springs requires hiking a mere 0.2 kilometres from the well-known Hobo campground near California state road 178.

Things to Do Near Lake Isabella Hot Springs That Are Interesting

When you visit the Natural Hot Springs, you may engage in a variety of exciting and unusual activities.

Dangling Bat

Here, amid the eager visitors and residents, bat dangling is a unique activity. In this sport, raw meat and insects are hung on a pole at night, and bat hits—the number of times a bat touches the food—are counted. The many bat species that inhabit the nearby forest make this unusual sport conceivable. Millions of bats depart from their sleeping area at night in search of food, resulting in a spectacular show above the heavens. Since its creation, the Sport has gradually grown in popularity among the locals.


Because of the magnificent night skies overhead, stargazing is a favourite pastime for travellers. Recently, stargazing trips have become more and more popular, and several organizations provide them at reasonable prices. Many of the visitors that camp here spend the night here to see the stars. You have two options: either purchase a telescope to see far planets and galaxies, or sign up for one of the guided tours, during which time you will be given equipment and assisted by a qualified astronomer in order to find distant planets, galaxies, and constellations.

Climbing Rocks

Because the Remington hot springs are situated near the southernmost point of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges, rock climbing is another well-liked pastime among visitors to the area. Also seen in the Sequoia National Forest are the numerous unusual granite hills that resemble needles. If you wish to participate in this thrilling and adrenaline-filled sport, you may need to have some fundamental abilities. Nonetheless, there are places close by that hire out safety gear and rock climbing equipment at reasonable prices. For your trip, they also provide a trained rock climbing specialist who will instruct you in the fundamentals as well as tactics and suggestions. If you’re a skilled rock climber, you may put your abilities to the test in one of the many rock climbing competitions that take place in and around the Sequoia National Forest.

In summary

We strongly advise visitors to visit the Remington Hot Springs since it is conveniently located from the Town of Bodfish, California, and provides enjoyable soaking experiences as well as beautiful vistas. Along California State Highway 178, there are several commercial and naturally occurring hot springs to enjoy, including this one. Because of the high mineral concentration in the steaming pools of water, the Historic Hot Springs also provide a number of medical advantages. In addition to the hot springs, there are a lot of well-known natural landmarks in the area that you may explore and engage in a variety of engaging activities.  Additionally, the aforementioned campgrounds and hiking trails encircle the Remington Hot Springs.


In concluding our exploration of the high-quality time to visit Remington Hot Springs, it’s obvious that every season brings a unique appeal to this herbal oasis. Spring gives slight temperatures and blooming surroundings, whilst summer season beckons with lengthy days for prolonged relaxation. Fall introduces a palette of heat colours, developing a picturesque backdrop in your soak. Winter, although colder, gives a tranquil break out with fewer site visitors.

Choosing the great time relies upon private options. Whether you seek vibrant wildflowers, solitude, or a relaxed winter retreat, Remington Hot Springs promises a calming enjoy yr-spherical. Embrace the converting seasons and immerse yourself inside the therapeutic waters of this hidden gem alongside the Kern River.

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