What Are The Best Flip Phone of 2024: Everything You Need To Know

In the early 2000s, flip phones were widely used, and now, with the help of companies like Samsung, Motorola, and Oppo, they’re making a significant comeback.

Although they have been around for a while, modern flip phones really advanced in 2024. With bigger displays than previous versions of them, the Motorola Razr Plus and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are more usable. Among its many upgrades is an extra camera on Oppo’s Find N3 Flip.

Flip phones have many benefits over normal phones, while being more costly and typically more brittle than standard phones. When closed, they are easier to handle with one hand and are simpler to carry in your pocket. Additionally, you can fold them halfway to raise them up, which removes the need to hold the device in order to snap a picture or view the screen. In addition, their unique style sets them apart from other cell phones.

If such things don’t matter to you, though, you might think about getting one of the less expensive non foldable phones on our list of the best phones. The greatest flip phone alternatives for 2024 are listed below if you’re thinking about purchasing one.

Which flip phone is most people’s favourite?

As of 2024, CNET’s best flip phone option is the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The Samsung flip phone and the Motorola Razr Plus, which were priced similarly, were very nearly tied.However, Samsung is our favorite option since it feels more durable, the camera captures more vibrant images, and the firm offers Android version upgrades for a longer duration than Motorola. Another benefit that Samsung has is that it has a history of updating its One UI software to add new capabilities to its phones over time.

2024’s top flip phones 

Flip 5 Samsung Galaxy Z

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 represents the greatest advancement in flip phones from Samsung in recent memory. You can now take pictures, send messages, and look up directions without opening the phone due to Samsung’s major increase in the size of the cover screen.This, together with the Z Flip’s strong build and long battery life, are what push it to the top.

Even though the Z Flip 5 is our top flip phone, there are still a few issues to be mindful of. It’s still expensive for a phone without a telephoto camera at $1,000. Furthermore, not every software functions as easily on the front screen as it does on the Motorola Razr Plus.

Advantages and drawbacks :

                    Pros                   Cons
Using a large cover screen is enjoyable. costly


The gap closes when the hinge is replaced. Not every program can run natively on the cover screen.
stable battery life Apps do not switch between the cover screen and the main screen.
 basic model has more storage Very little changes to the camera

The Razr Plus from Motorola

In 2023, the Motorola Razr Plus set a higher standard for what a flip phone should be. You can use practically any app on it without opening the phone due to its 3.6-inch cover screen, and its lengthy battery life will last you through a busy day. It may be the best option for people who value mobility in a phone because it is slimmer than the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The Razr Plus is a phone to take into consideration if you want a slimmer design and want to use more applications on the phone’s front screen without much extra hassle, even if I think the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the greatest flip phone overall. During my testing, I found that the Razr Plus felt more brittle than the Z Flip 5, but it is undoubtedly thinner, which makes it a fantastic option for people who value compactness above all else.

Advantages and drawbacks:

                    Pros                      Cons
a large, effective cover screen Flex View seems more constrained
Fold is hardly noticeable. Fingerprints are readily gathered on the front screen.
Slim design Long-lasting battery $1,000 is still a significant amount of money.
Fun aspects in photography, such as picture previews Fewer Android upgrades compared to Samsung

Flip  Oppo Find N3

The Find N3 Flip phone from Oppo is special for two reasons: Compared to the Motorola Razr Plus and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, it features a vertical cover screen and a telephoto camera. For individuals who prefer closer zoom images, this might make the Find N3 Flip a great option. However, this phone also stands out for its quick charging, elegant appearance, and quick performance. Moreover, the internal screen’s wrinkle is very delicate. Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks to be mindful of. The Find N3 Flip will only be available in select markets—not the US—and does not support wireless charging.

Advantages and drawbacks

                Pros                    Cons
Gmail, Google Calendar, and other third-party apps are supported on the cover screen. Overt branding


include a telephoto lens elevated cover screen edges
increased sturdiness IPX4 classification Absence of wireless charging


How to test the phones

We put every phone through real-world testing, paying close attention to the features, build quality, battery life, cameras, and general value. In order to compare our results against new phones from rivals like Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus, or to document our findings in an initial review that is updated frequently when new software upgrades are available, we do so. This is our typical smartphone testing technique, which also holds true for flip phones.

These days, most phones have a significant photography feature, so we shoot images and movies of different things in a range of environments and lighting conditions. We experiment with any new camera settings, like the Action mode that arrived with the iPhone 14 series or the recently released Unblur photo tool with the Google Pixel 7 series.

Life of the battery

Numerous methods are used to test batteries. We evaluate a phone’s power over the course of a regular day of usage and observe its performance during concentrated periods of gaming, video calls, and media streaming. In addition, we do a video playback test, which is a straightforward, repeatable indicator of pure battery life that is occasionally introduced in an update after the first evaluation.

Performance evaluation

For our evaluation, we assess each phone’s performance using benchmarking tools in addition to our own anecdotal usage experiences. Notable are the animations and visuals’ appearances. Do they have a smooth texture? Or do they falter or lag behind? We also examine the speed at which the phone flips between vertical and horizontal positions, and how fast the camera opens to capture a photo.


In the end, the quality flip telephones of 2024 offer an excellent mixture of nostalgia and present day functionality. Our guide has provided insights into the pinnacle contenders, ensuring you are well-ready to make an informed decision primarily based on your choices. Whether it’s fashion, durability, or modern features you are searching for, the pleasant flip telephones of 2024 cater to loads of desires, proving that classic designs can seamlessly integrate with the latest era.

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