5 Best Umrah Travel Tips for Families

Whether you travel solo or with your family, you must follow some tips. However, when travelling with families, there are some things you must keep in your mind. As a Muslim, it’s best to travel for Umrah; every Muslim desires to depart for pilgrimage.

Umrah is among the opportunities that every single Muslim wants to perform. Planning this journey efficiently is looking to be challenging, especially if you do this with your family. Wouldn’t it be best to follow some travel tips with families to make your journey more memorable and enjoyable? Let’s see that: we will discuss the five best Umrah travel tips you must follow.

These travel tips are not just limited to Umrah travel; you can also follow them for every single trip other than religious.

Arrange and plan your Family’s Umrah trip.

Arranging and planning your Umrah trip is the first step of your journey. Organizing your trip in advance can lead to several benefits. Some people don’t let this, as they prefer booking for any time. Travelling with family members must ensure the booking of Umrah Packages.

Ensure that you have arranged all the documents and done the departure placing.

Carry all the essentials for your family.

Bringing the essential items is necessary for every trip. It’s one of the best Umrah travel tips. Imagine going for a week’s trip and forgetting to get some essentials you need. So, pack all the required items that your family needs. You can make sure:

Essential clothes for daily wear

  • Ihram dresses
  • Comfortable shoes for the whole family
  • Wipes/diapers if you have infants
  • Valid documents
  • Baby stroller

Eat during your Umrah trip.

Eating is necessary for not being hungry. It would help if you prevented a hungry mood by bringing snacks, water bottles, candies for children, etc. You must have some eating essentials if your airline is not providing you. Some airlines offer food and snacks to all their passengers. Moreover, travelling with older or disabled needs a lot of care so bring eating items according to that.

Ensure your family is aware of Umrah.

Performing Umrah involves four steps you and your family must know. Let’s have a glance at Umrah’s steps:

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf performance around the Holy Kaaba
  • Sa’ee ritual
  • Halq/Taqsir

These are the main steps that pilgrims must perform to complete the Umrah performance. If you have children above 12 years old, tell them about the pilgrimage performance and how to do that. After performing the minor pilgrimage, do some Ziyarats and offer Nafl prayers there to get more blessings from Allah (SWT).

Be relaxed and enjoy your Umrah journey according to your plans.

Keeping yourself in relaxed mode is mandatory for the whole trip. Some people might get panicked or confused, especially on their first flight. So, to avoid that situation, plan your itinerary and include activities like reading books/journals, connecting with headphones, feeling the religious trip vibes, etc. Make a plan list of activities you want to do during your trip and in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Let’s make it final.

In conclusion, making the Umrah trip with your family is one of the most rewarding experiences. As a family group, you will have different memories than others. Ensure you have done your Umrah booking from a reputable religious travel agency such as Labbaik Hajj Umrah. So, go ahead and start your next trip with your loved ones and ensure a relaxing experience by following Umrah travel tips. During the pilgrimage environment, you absorb the local culture and customs. Perform your pilgrimage and get more blessings from Allah (SWT).

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