5 Reasons to Choose Long Term Car Rental in Dubai

Are you planning for an extended vacation in Dubai and wish to rent a car for the same? Well, do you know, apart from daily and weekly rental, you may now rent a car on a monthly basis too. The process of booking is the same but you can avail some extra benefits. Car rental companies in Dubai greatly value customers who opt for long term rent a car Dubai. Read on this article to know more. 

Why Rent a Car in Dubai for Long Term?

If you are still unsure about long term rent a car in Dubai, go through the benefits of the same below for better insights: 

  • Best Deals

The first benefit of long term rent a car Dubai is access to the best deals and discounts. Car rental companies in Dubai offer better deals for long term car rental as compared to renting a car short term. Even if you are a first time customer, expect added benefits. This makes it possible to opt for luxury cars too which otherwise might not fit in your budget. 

  • Wide Selection of Cars

Car rental in Dubai has expanded and evolved over the years. You can now choose from a fleet of cars for different duration, budget and other preferences. Whether you wish to rent a SUV in Dubai, a compact car or luxury car, there are a variety of options for Dubai long term car rental. So, list out your priorities and choose the best car for long term rental in Dubai. 

  • More Comfort Driving the Car

The more time you spend driving a car, the more acquainted you are with its specifications. A long term rental car Dubai offers the opportunity for you to discover its technicalities and best ways of handling it. Having spent ample time with the car you develop a comfort zone with it inside out. 

  • Hassle-Free Traveling 

If you are on an extended vacation in Dubai and opt to rent short term rental cars, along with extra expenses, you need to bear extra hassle too. For instance, shifting your luggage and belongings from one car to another can be painstaking. When it comes to payment, you can complete the full payment at once and get sorted for the entire trip. 

  • Better Service 

Although car rental companies in Dubai value all their customers, the ones who book a long term car are paid more heed. Be it in terms of deals or quality of service. If you are a long term customer, be assured to receive the best support and assistance. 


Dubai rent a car is best for people looking for a stress free extended vacation in Dubai. Do inspect the car closely once it is delivered to avoid any issues later. It is also advisable to opt for a test drive to be sure of the car’s functions. As you will be driving the car for a longer period, ensure to check all the features as well. To rent the best long term car in Dubai, check out OneClickDrive, an exclusive marketplace offering a range of rental cars across the UAE.  

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