5094-IB16S New 2022 Open Box Allen Bradley 5094-IB16S A 5000 Safety Digital Input Module

About 5094-IB16S

5094-IB16S is known as one of the best safety input modules that is also compatible with different variety of controllers ranging from the 5580 series of Guard L 5094-IB16S ogix to the 5380 series of Guard Logix. Along with this, it also features the 16 different input points that are also known as the sinking inputs. The voltage used for operating ranges is from 18 to 32 Volts DC. All the features altogether enhance the importance of this product.

Remarkable Features of 5094-IB16S

Some of the remarkable features of 5094-IB16S are I/O Modules, 16 digital inputs, safety, sinking and chases mount. The FLEX 5000 TM I/O based modules are known as the flexible and rugged ones of GE equipment and one can easily select the respective I/O to meet their basic operational needs. The FLEX 5000 I/O also elaborates and works to properly communicates with the 1 GB Ethernet I/P system, and this furthermore offers the high speed and bandwidth too. To give proper flexibility in the network architecture, these modules comprise of two copper or sometimes two fiber ports SFP based topologies. Choose this product and the working phenomenon of your production unit will be enhanced too.

What Ge Equipment – 5094-IB16S is giving you?

5094-IB16S New 2022 Open Box Allen Bradley 5094-IB16S A 5000 Safety Digital Input Module

The Allen Bradley 5094-IB16S safety based digital input module is linked with sixteen 16 different input channels. This module has also a BP backplane power voltage that is rating of around 15 V DC and it also has a maximum power current backplane of 100 Milliamps. The sensor actuator power SA voltage is also present, and it ranges between 18 and 32 V DC, and it has a maximum sensor actuator power of 1.8Amps.

The isolation voltage of 250 V is also there, and it is used for both the system to the field isolation and to the basic isolation type too. Despite this, there is no isolation for any individual ports or in between the sensor actuator power or the input ports.

Allen-Bradley 5094-IB16S Methodology

This safety module 5094-IB16S has LED based indicators too. Along with this, it has two power ports along with the two signal ports for wiring. The signal wire size is 2.5 sq mm and this can be stranded or even the solid copper one too.

Technical specifications of 5094-IB16S

The brand name itself is popular I.e., Allen Bradley. The FLEX 5000 is its famous series/ 5094-IB16S is its part number, and it has around 16 input channels. The backplane power I.e., BP voltage is around 15 V DC, and it has 100 milliamps of the current backplane maximum.

All the technical features are outclassed and beat other companies too. Try once and there will be a huge difference in your productions too.

Disclaimer of 5094-IB16S

This product 5094-IB16S is used surplus, and the DO supply is not known as an authorized surplus dealer or even the affiliate for the production of this product. It is also possible that the product may have some older date codes or even the older series. As a matter of fact, DO supply is not known as an authorized distributor of this product, the warranty is therefore not applied from the original manufacturers. as most of the Allen Bradley PLC based products will be having firmware installed, the DO supply therefore makes zero representations.

GE Equipment proves to be the best – go for 5094-IB16S!

If you want something genuine, authentic, unique and reliable, go for GE products and you will be one of their happy customers. For this company, customer satisfaction is most important. Therefore, warranties and other related areas are catered for accordingly. Along with this, products vary in features, therefore it is utmost to do proper research and then go for the respective one. Choose as per your requirements and enhance the efficiency of your production. 5094-IB16S is one of the best equipment of GE Equipment and their aim is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers too.

Take the correct decision at the correct time and make the best use of it too! GE Equipment is working with zeal and zest to ensure their product deliveries and to enhance their levels too. Use it and bring a big change to your work.


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