BigCommerce and Augmented Reality: Enhancing Product Visualization and Engagement for Next-Level Shopping Experiences

A new level of online shopping is unlocked with the combination of BigCommerce and augmented reality. In the ever changing ecommerce landscape BigCommerce stands as the leading platform and when combined with augmented reality it takes the shopping experience to the next level. This blog will help you explore the rise of augmented reality in online shopping and how BigCommerce has an important role in that.

Benefits of Combination of BigCommerce and Augmented Reality

The integration of BigCommerce and AR has changed ecommerce for good by providing a seamless shopping experience and increasing sales. BigCommerce development agency are important for businesses to optimize their platforms, enhance user friendliness and security. These services create user-friendly interfaces and build a strong foundation for the integration of AR into the websites. The benefits of the combination of BigCommerce and augmented realities are as follows:

Better Shopping Experience

Making the shopping experience more immersive is one of the main benefits of the integration of BigCommerce and augmented reality. Customers can now visually see things in the real-world before making the purchase by using augmented reality. This helps the customer to understand how a product will look in the environment they live in and then they can make a better decision regarding buying that product. 

This raises the confidence of the users and lowers the uncertainty in the decision making process when it comes to the purchasing of that product which ultimately increases the conversion rate of the website.

Reduced Return Rate

Return rate is the rate of number of customers that exit the website after saying the front page. The combination of BigCommerce and augmented reality works together to lower this return rate. With the help of augmented reality consumers can now determine how accessories and apparel will look on them or see how the furniture will be placed in the house which will help them in making better decisions. By this technology consumers are more likely to place an order and less likely to return items.

Improved Product Visualization

Augmented reality shows a product in a 3D form which helps customers to examine the product from a variety of angles and give them a more thorough understanding of the product. 34% of US-based customers used AR for visualizing how furniture would look in their house. Customers can zoom in, rotate and examine all the details of the products because of the combination of e-commerce and AR. 

This guarantees high quality product photos and smooth incorporation into the website which will ultimately affect the purchasing decision of the user and influence them to buy the product. This is important for the products where the finest details count.

Provides Competitive Edge

Companies that use BigCommerce augmented reality get some competitive advantage over others in the ecommerce market. This technology driven strategy represents the company asan progressive and customer focused company which attracts the attention of tech savvy users. 

It is important for businesses to stay ahead in the digital world and incorporate the latest technologies and trends in their websites to stand out of the crowd. Having the latest technology on their website will give the website a more advanced look and smoother operation which will enhance the user experience.

Social Media Integration

The integration of BigCommerce and augmented reality will seamlessly add social media platforms with the website. Businesses can use AR and BigCommerce features for interactive and shareable contents which will allow the users to showcase their virtual experience with the product. This social sharing will not only enhance brand visibility but also will serve as a powerful marketing tool. AR will help in tapping into the viral nature of social media to increase the website traffic and the conversion rate.

Increased Customer Experience

With increase in advanced tools and technologies on the website consumers are more likely to get attracted and involved. With the help of AR consumers can engage in an interactive shopping experience by virtually trying on goods. This interaction makes the client journey seamless and creates a feeling of confidence and trust with the company. This ultimately increases the customer experience and decreases the bounce rates which ultimately increases the sales.

Streamlines Inventory Management

Managing inventory of an online business can be a difficult task. BigCommerce developers now use AR combined with BigCommerce to manage the inventory in a seamless manner. Businesses improve the planning and organizing feature of AR to highlight inventories and optimize product placement in virtual locations. An effective inventory management makes the operation run more smoothly and guarantees that the customer has access to current and accurate product information.

Real-life Example

Ulta Beauty is one such company that uses augmented reality on its website. It is a beauty company that has launched a virtual try-on feature called Glam Lab on its website. Online consumers can now virtually try on the makeup products on their faces in real-time with the help of virtual reality and make decisions about purchasing the product. 

This will assist customers in finding the right products and reducing the chances of returning it because of dissatisfaction. Because of this technology Ulta Beauty has increased its organic traffic on the website and conversion rates while lowering the return rates and ultimately increasing their sales.


For BigCommerce partners and businesses seeking innovative solutions, the combination of BigCommerce and augmented reality represents the advancement in the e-commerce world. It is expected that by 2024, there will be 1.73 billion users who will use AR in their online shopping. This combination provides users with an unmatched shopping experience, matching the changes in customer behavior. Online shopping is being redefined by improved product visibility and enhanced user engagement. Businesses using this combination overcome the complexities of the e-commerce world, achieving long-term success by embracing emerging trends.

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