Broken Planet

With the constant evolution of clothing, fashion has transcended its utilitarianism. Self-expression like this has great power. Clothes influence fashion in a multitude of ways. One brand dominates the fashion industry with a unique and unconventional approach. As a forward-thinking company with a perspective, Broken Planet stands out. The brand wants people to feel confident and unique through their clothing.  Their wide variety of sizes and styles serves to advance equality. This clothing brand is more than an assortment of garments; it’s a movement. This brand is distinct because it designs pieces with an edgy. An experimental aesthetic that stands out. The core of our brand’s vision is accepting and celebrating flaws. Our designs are distinctive despite their imperfections because of their distinct personalities.

Broken Planet’s owner was who?

Lukas Vikas founded one of the streetwear businesses in London. That has experienced the fastest growth. Growing up abroad, they studied abroad, which is how their long-distance relationship started. In the UK, Lukas and Indre were pursuing degrees in software engineering and international tourism management. They went on vacations together every few months, which served as inspiration for the brand. Additionally, fashion weeks are held in Bali and New York City. The Broken Planet Hoodie name represents the current state of the world.  Apart from Kanye, Travis Scott, and New York, space serves as an inspiration for their designs.

Premium Substance

Utilizing premium materials is crucial for this brand. The materials utilized in the design process exhibit the brand’s dedication to quality. It makes comfortable and long-lasting clothing, even with premium materials. Organic cotton is used by Broken Planet as one of its premium materials. Material differences affect the durability and quality of apparel items.  When it comes to high-quality materials, silk is connected to elegance and luxury.  That is made by silkworms. They use other premium materials in their clothing line also as organic cotton.

Broken Planet Hoodie 

This fashionable and distinctive item offers apparel that is both comfortable and edgy. Wear this hoodie to stand out from the crowd and flaunt your sense of style. The Broken Planet Hoodie exudes an edgy, bold vibe thanks to its distressed, worn-in look. The hoodie is made of soft, long-lasting materials for optimal comfort and longevity. The hoodie, which represents global unrest, has a weeboo shoes graphic print on the front. That shows pieces of a broken planet floating in space. This hoodie’s kangaroo pocket offers lots of room for storing your necessities. With this adjustable drawstring hoodie, you will be warm and cozy come rain or shine. This hoodie has a snug fit and ribbed cuffs and hem. It is perfect for colder climates or chilly evenings. 

Broken Planet T-Shirt 

T-shirts are now a necessary wardrobe staple thanks to fashion. This brand has tees for everyone, from graphic tees to classic plain tees. The popularity of the Broken Planet T-Shirt is due to its comfort. It has simplicity and

statement-making potential. T-shirts have changed over time, going from simple essentials to cutting-edge designs. Designers and brands have adopted many trends to improve this dress’s style appeal. The intriguing design of this brand’s T-shirt combines science fiction and abstract art. Will appeal to both fans of science fiction and abstract art.

Broken Planet Tracksuit 

It makes tracksuits with an emphasis on comfort, style, and longevity. You can stay stylish even when working out in our tracksuits. It is common knowledge that Broken Planet Tracksuits are robust. Tracksuits are put to the test to the limit during intense athletic activities. Tearing and fading are avoided with a chosen fabric. In this Broken World, moisture is evil. Because of the fabric made the shirt will keep you dry and comfortable while you exercise.

Broken Planet Short

Our shorts are appropriate for many different activities and occasions, also offering the ideal blend of style and functionality.  Shorts are a great option because of their premium material and cozy design. To achieve optimal comfort and durability, Broken Planet Shorts are crafted from high-quality fabrics. The shorts in our selection come in a range of hues and patterns. They Shorts offers an assortment of styles to suit every fashion preference. Since shorts are so versatile, they can be used for a variety of activities.

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