How to Choose the Right Door Handle for Your Home

Our home may be a reflection of our thoughts.

For this reason, we wish to personalise and make it in a way that reflects our fashion and sense of aesthetics.

Be that as it may, indeed, even though we may take awesome care in selecting the colors and furniture for your room, we cannot overlook the truth that entryways are the primary thing that individuals see when they walk into a space.

They are significant for making a positive starting picture of the domestic, but their primary objective was to allow the tenants security and disconnection. You’ll without a doubt feel uneasy if you picture a house without any entryways.

However, we are likely to be extremely important in the components of the door. This hardware is what makes the door functional and more efficient.

The first piece of hardware that you probably interact with is

The door handle

The door handles is the primary component that opens and closes a door. It is not only simple to use, but it also has aesthetic value.

The hardware is attached to the rest of the door frame and has a handle that works as a lever to open the door when it is pushed.

A handle significantly makes it much easier to open a door as well. Imagine how inconvenient it would have been if your doors had no handles.

Because they serve two very important purposes, i.e.



It is crucial to be very mindful about picking the right handle for you.

An ideal door handle should cater to all your security needs without compromising on design.


Not only does the handle provide convenience, but it also enhances accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Without handles, people with limited hand strength or mobility would face significant challenges in opening doors, making their daily lives more difficult. The inclusion of handles ensures that everyone can easily access and navigate through doorways without unnecessary obstacles.

You can try different handles in-store as well, and they provide demonstrations with pre-fitted handles as well. By offering in-store trials and demonstrations with pre-fitted handles, individuals can have a hands-on experience and make informed decisions about the type of handle that best suits their needs. This not only allows for personal customization but also promotes inclusivity by catering to the diverse range of abilities and preferences among customers.

Your door handle would also be elderly and child-friendly, as they may not be as equipped to use it. Additionally, the availability of elderly and children-friendly cupboard door handles ensures that individuals of all ages can easily and safely operate them. This consideration for different user groups further enhances the inclusivity and accessibility of the product, making it suitable for a wider range of customers.

Security considerations

One of the oldest types of locks, handle locks are present in practically every home.

There are two main parts to this piece of door hardware.

A grip

A gap in the crucial, i.e., a keyhole


It is the turning motion of the key that activates the lock.

Depending on the degree of security you choose, they can be installed with two types of locks.

Single cylinder

Double cylinder

They are made of various materials and designs. This also enhances the doors’ visual appeal. They are more resilient to burglars’ tools and lockpicking than older locks. The simple functioning mechanism makes them incredibly user-friendly. They can be used to provide an extra degree of security in conjunction with other locks, like smart locks or biometric locks. Being one of the most affordable pieces of hardware, they don’t need electricity or the internet to function.

Additionally, they are energy-efficient.

A door with a handle can be closed without also needing to be locked. This gives you peace of mind as it is comfortable for some people to leave doors open, especially bedroom and bathroom doors.


Usually, doors come pre-equipped with handles, but if you are customizing your door from scratch or simply getting new handles, it is preferable to get a professional to do it for you.

Because they have expertise in the task, it ensures perfect installation with fewer chances of breakage.

Improper installation can lead to premature breakage or dysfunction of the handle.

Maintenance of handles

To ensure the proper functioning of the wardrobe handles and to increase its longevity, it is crucial to maintain it. Here are a few tips on the maintenance of your handles.

  • Oil them with a lubricant if they start to get stuck or make the necessary noise.
  • Refurbish the anti-tarnish coats to avoid rust or corrosion.
  • Repolishing them can make them look brand new, even after being in use for a while.
  • Clean them regularly, as they are a hotspot for germs, especially in a busy area.
  • It is advisable to get the lock changed every few years for safety.

We hope that this essay helped you in your hardware shopping experience and that you find the perfect door handle for you because, even though it might seem like a small part of your house, every part is equally important.


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