Suffering from Premature Ejaculation? Help is at hand

For men who suffer from Premature Ejaculation it is like they have been handed a deck of impossible cards. These men are unable to prevent ejaculation a short time after being sexually aroused. In severe cases it can lead to ejaculation before intercourse with a partner has even started, leading to shame and in some cases derision. It affects both young and older men, but perhaps it is more commonly associated with younger men.

There are also different types including primary and secondary premature ejaculation. But if you are a man that has been beset with this devastating condition, what do you do, where do you go, is there a cure and what should you do first? A quick search of the web will lead to many different opinions and organisations, but few if any outline all of the available options. Here we have tried to provide a simple guide, so you are better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

The first stop in the UK tends to be your doctor or local General Practitioner. Doctors are relatively limited in what they can provide and are not specialists in this area. Normally they will prescribe you one of the following drugs that are taken in tablet form, these include Paroxetine, Priligy Dapoxetine, Fluoxetine and Sertraline. These drugs work differently for each man, if they work at all and in some cases increasing quantities are used to get the same effect. They don’t come without side effects as well, men complain of headaches, nausea, dry mouth, sleep deprivation and the list goes on. These drugs are not used exclusively for Premature Ejaculation. Sertraline is also used for depression and if you are feeling down you may find that your mood, how you feel about yourself and self confidence improves. It is worth starting along the route of your local GP even though you may not get the results you desire.

Another first line treatment for premature ejaculation are wipes and sprays. These are essentially the same but deliver the effect differently. Both of these methods include a medical ingredient called benzocaine. When applied to the penis head and shaft the benzocaine numbs and desensitises the penis. The idea is that with a desensitised penis you will be able to hold the desire to ejaculate longer. Whilst this is an inexpensive and readily available solution, (you can buy at your local chemist or online from places like Amazon), it is also quite clumsy. One nasty little surprise is that it can desensitise your partner as well. If you are about to embark on a new relationship, it may well have disastrous consequences, if the partner is unaware of what you are doing. In an established relationship, you can obviously talk and discuss this in advance, The advantage of wipes over sprays is that with a wipe you can cover the whole penis more effectively and evenly, whereas with a spray you may miss areas and also overuse in other areas. It is a matter of personal choice.

Some men opt to discuss their problem with a sexual therapist. In fact, in the USA this is often the first line of treatment. Sexual therapists can be useful in helping men with the psychological impact of Premature ejaculation, especially in the areas of stress, depression and self-confidence, but they do not work on the underlying physical problems associated with it.

Kegel exercises are a must. Essentially Kegel exercises are a series of exercises which strengthen the Pelvic floor and support the bladder and prostate. The strengthened pelvic floor enables better control of the muscles that lead to ejaculation. Kegel exercises are a must for men that suffer from premature ejaculation and specialist advice should be taken so these can be learned and practiced and undertaken twice a day. Undertaking Kegel exercises should be as routine as taking a daily shower or combing one’s hair.

Two final manual exercises are the stop start and squeeze techniques. They are similar in what they achieve but the techniques are different. The idea behind them is that by having a better understanding of your body and the different phases it goes through from stimulation, excitement, climax and ejaculation you will be mentally able to control your ejaculation. With the stop start technique men practice alone to hold it at the point of climax and then resume the exercise again. With the squeeze technique both the thumb and the large index finger are used to squeeze the penis and prevent climax and then the whole process is started again.

Tens machines, known for pain relief, are also used for Premature Ejaculation and can be used alongside Kegel exercises and the stop start technique as part of the Premature Ejaculation home treatment routine. The tens machine attaches to the penis and electrical impulses are emitted into the penis. Tens machines are relatively inexpensive, but they are also fairly limited in what they can achieve as a standalone treatment.

Two major developments on the Premature Ejaculation treatment front have been the Tesla Chair and Functional Magnetics Stimulation. Both of these devices use groundbreaking technology that is vastly superior to anything else on the marketplace. With the Tesla Chair a man sits in what looks like a standard leather chair. The chair then performs a staggering 19,000 pelvic floor exercises/ Kegel exercises in 20 minutes flat. Not only does this hit the ball completely out of the park when compared to manual Kegel exercises, with manual exercises it is almost impossible, even for the very fittest of us to engage more than 40% of the muscle fibres, with the Tesla chair it engages 100% of the muscle fibres, deep inside the pelvic floor and engages with the nervous system up to the bladder. This is used in conjunction with a Functional Magnetic Stimulation probe. A man lies on his back on a medical couch and the probe is strapped over his penis when fully clothed. This probe engages the penile tissues and cause over 20,000 contractions in 20 minutes. Used in conjunction with one another this state-of-the-art technology significantly strengthens both the pelvic floor which controls sexual rhythm and also both the desire and the ability to hold ejaculation for a longer period of time.

The next set of procedures discussed in this article are all invasive and are not recommended unless the previous methods haven’t worked.

Hyaluronic acids are a highly controversial and unregulated procedure, which are undertaken by some medical practitioners who also engage in penile fillers and other debatable procedures. With this procedure an actual acid is used to kill off the desire to ejaculate. The Hyaluronic acid is injected in the glans (top part) of the penis. It is undertaken by hand and small amounts of the acid are injected in a circle around the top. This acid desensitises the penis and therefore can delay the desire to ejaculate. It is a highly controversial procedure because of the side effects. Because of the sensitive nature the patients are at risk of infection and often the penis develops a number of pimples where the injection sites have been. If there is an uneven amount of Hyaluronic acid injected then these pimples will vary in size and texture, giving the impression that the penis is suffering from another sexual condition. A more serious side effect is Peyronie’s disease, where a deformity happens in the penis as a result of injury and longer-term erectile dysfunction.

Two further surgeries include Selective Dorsal Neurectomy and Cryoablation and Radio Frequency. Both surgeries work on the basis that by decreasing the sensitivity of the dorsal nerve, you will decrease the over sensitivity and enable a man to last longer. With Selective Dorsal Neurectomy an incision is made in the penis and a skilled surgeon will cut some of the nerve branches of the dorsal nerve. With Radio Frequency and Cryoablation the same idea is used but rather than cutting the nerve branches, instead certain ones are frozen. As with all surgeries like this a highly skilled surgeon is needed and there is a risk to longer term tissue damage and lifetime changes in sensitivity.

The final surgery and perhaps the most complicated is the inner condom technique. The name pretty much describes what it is. Whilst condoms are used commonly over the head of the penis and in the shaft, this surgery implants a condom looking cellular dermal matrix behind the skin of the penis. This material sits between the skin of the penis and the penile tissues and can significantly change the sensation. For many men, this is a last resort surgery and can significantly change the sensation for ever, for better or for worse. The long-term effects of this surgery are as yet unknown.

Premature ejaculation is here to stay, estimates of the number of men who suffer from it vary widely from 8% through to 30% in some reports, however this means nothing if you indeed are a sufferer. Whilst there are no silver bullets for a guaranteed cure, the hope is that this article will at least provide you with an easy-to-use reference point for all of the treatments available.



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