Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India

The use of green energy and electric vehicles (EVs) in India is increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries. These cutting-edge energy storage methods power electric vehicles, maintain computer networks, and store green energy. This article examines India’s top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers who are industry pioneers in this brand-new and expanding industry. Choose one suitable based on your needs.

Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India1. Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemicals Limited is a well-known company that makes lithium-ion batteries as part of the Tata Group. One of their main goals is to find new and efficient ways to store green energy. Tata Chemicals Limited does research and development to make sure that its battery technology is at the cutting edge. This shows how creative they are and how much they care about the world.

Exide Industries

One of the most well-known and reputable battery manufacturers in India, Exide Industries, has decided to begin producing lithium-ion batteries. Their cutting-edge batteries provide dependable and effective methods of energy storage that are consistent with the business’s history of success in the industrial and automotive industries.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited

Another renowned producer of lithium-ion batteries in India is Amara Raja Batteries Limited. It has been complimented that they offer a large selection of lithium-ion batteries for green energy, mobile phones, and electric vehicles. The business has developed into a dependable and adaptable supplier in its industry because it has always been dedicated to quality and fresh ideas.

Suzuki Motor Gujarat (SMG)

The industry leader in producing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles is Suzuki Motor Gujarat (SMG), a division of the well-known Suzuki Motor Corporation. One of the most crucial

aspects of India’s expanding EV industry is SMG. It has a significant impact on the nation’s transition to cleaner, more ecologically friendly modes of transportation.

Livguard Energy Technologies

In the lithium-ion battery industry, Livguard Energy Technologies has swiftly risen to the top and established a solid reputation, particularly in the fields of solar energy storage and electric two- and three-wheeled vehicles. Their dedication to sustainability and innovation demonstrates how much they desire to improve green energy solutions. This has not only aided in their market expansion.

  1. HBL Power Systems Limited

Lithium-ion battery specialists HBL Power technologies Limited provide innovative technologies for use in business and the armed forces. They have been known as a trustworthy supplier because to their emphasis on efficiency, high quality, and discovering new applications for technology.

  1. Ultralife Batteries India

The fact that Ultralife Batteries India concentrates on energy storage, military, and medical technology places it at the forefront of lithium-ion battery development. Many firms rely on their creative ideas to operate crucial tools and systems. This advances the technology of the nation.

  1. Exicom Power Solutions

Lithium-ion battery solutions for telecom, EV charging stations, and storing green energy are the specialty of Exicom Power Solutions. Their state-of-the-art technology is essential to lowering carbon pollution since it facilitates the usage of green energy and makes cleaner energy options available.

  1. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

The production of lithium-ion batteries for the military is the responsibility of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). BEL is an essential component of India’s efforts to safeguard its national security since these batteries are essential to providing a consistent flow of electricity for military purposes.

Coslight India Telecom Pvt Ltd

Coslight India transmission Pvt Ltd makes lithium-ion batteries that are used for transmission and to store energy. Their goods are very important because they help improve the basis of information networks and provide reliable power sources for many important uses.


The top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers are the key to India’s steady growth. Because they keep putting effort into research and development, they can keep up with the rising demand for lithium-ion batteries. With this promise, energy storage options will be easier to find and cheaper, which will help India move toward a better, more sustainable future.

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