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Unveiling the Trends: Key Takeaways for TikTok Marketers from the 2023 Trend Report

TikTok, the dynamic and ever-evolving social media platform, has become a powerhouse for digital marketers seeking to engage with a diverse global audience. Marketers must adapt to the latest trends shaping the TikTok landscape to stay ahead of the curve. The recently released TikTok 2023 Trend Report provides valuable insights that can guide marketers in crafting effective strategies. In this article, we’ll explore key takeaways from the report and discuss what TikTok marketers should learn to enhance their campaigns. Released in late 2022, TikTok’s 2023 Trend Report provides a wealth of information marketers should note. While you read the study, which we highly recommend, in the meanwhile, take note of these critical points.

About the Report

The TikTok What’s Next 2023 Trend Report shows the platform’s third yearly trend prediction. TikTok first released these reports to assist marketers in understanding how customer demands, tiktok views and wants are evolving. Marketers are encouraged to utilise the platform to plan their tactics for the upcoming year. When compiling data for the study, TikTok focused on forces, moments, and signals.

  • Moments: These are imaginative suggestions that spread and become well-liked; they endure from a few days to many weeks. They consist of sounds, formats, and hashtags.
  • Signals: They endure for a few months or several years. These are fresh patterns in material that reflect new behaviours and interests. Examples of changes in behaviour within a vertical or category are celebrating minor luxury.
  • Forces: These are long-lasting, significant behavioural changes that may take several years to manifest. Among these are significant changes in culture related to the distribution of new goods and the formation of communities.

TikTok examined shifts in societal and cultural attitudes to compile the study. After determining what they would signify for user behaviour on the platform, the team looked at case studies and research to support their conclusions.

Looking Back at 2022

A portion of the paper discusses the key developments in 2022, including shifts in public perception. One way to do this is to worry less about conventional life milestones. It also involved a change from office-based work to digital nomadism and a transition from hustle culture to #SlowLiving.

Three Major Trend Forces

Three key trend drivers were noted in the TikTok What’s Next Report:

  • Actionable Entertainment
  • Making Space for Joy
  • Community-Built Ideals

We’ll review the salient features of these “trend forces.” Additional information is available in the 2023 TikTok Trend Report.

Actionable Entertainment

In a nutshell, this TikTok driving force is how individuals are motivated to act by the information published there. These activities might include testing out novel things or developing fresh ways of thinking. A few numbers in the study demonstrate the impact TikTok producers have on their followers and the decisions those followers make as a result. The percentages of users who acted outside of the site as a result of TikTok are as follows:

  • 92% reported having a good emotion that motivated them to act outside the platform.
  • 72% of respondents indicated they relied more on TikTok creator reviews than on evaluations from other sources.

Implications for Marketers of This

The trend study advises marketers and producers to utilise this trend as evidence of why it is better to demonstrate than pitch. Rather than focusing only on straight sales, you should provide lessons that include personal tales, interaction, and entertainment. This energy may also be used to dispel myths and reveal the truth, which will help you gain credibility. Consider creating a TikTok series that dispels rumours in your specialty or sector, for instance. In the customer-to-creator pipeline, the TikTok research advises monitoring user-generated content. They urge companies to establish connections with these artists.

Making Space for Joy

This trend force focuses on how users are searching TikTok for self-care guidance. Conventional life milestones, such as getting married or starting a family, no longer hold the same weight as people. Instead, they utilise TikTok to find solutions to achieve their goal of having joy in life. Some pertinent statistics that are emphasised in the study are as follows:

  • According to 40% of TikTok users, having a positive emotional lift is essential for motivating oneself to purchase.
  • Fifty per cent of users claim that the site improves their mood and makes them upbeat or joyful.

Implications for Marketers of This

  1. TikTok’s research advises marketers and producers to employ humour and memes to build a community. On the platform, memes usually entail the use of well-known sounds. An additional recommended signal is “Wellbeing Your Way.” This refers to how individuals discuss their “lifehacks” to create personal space when required. Content of this kind can cover a wide range of topics, from providing beauty tips to writing on the benefits of being a digital nomad. Another lesson to be learned from this trend-setter is “Little Luxe.” It emphasises self-indulgence and taking advantage of minor pleasures in life regardless of financial situation. Hashtags like #TreatYourself and #UnwindWithme are included. Use this trend to demonstrate to your followers how using your goods or services will make their lives happier and more relaxing.

Community-Built Ideals

The last trend force is centred on how TikTok’s communities encourage people to make changes by being relevant and encouraging. Communities on TikTok are pretty niche. For instance, hashtags like #CozyGamers have become more particular than generally bringing together gamers. Users of TikTok browse their communities for inspiration on what to try.

Think about this:

  • Users are 1.8 times more likely to see subjects on TikTok that they would not have known they would like.

The platform is a safe place to discuss and pose questions because of this culture of exploration.

Implications for Marketers of This

According to the research, it’s essential to accept that users turn to the TikTok community to initiate discussions and discover original solutions. Use hashtags such as #EduTok and provide intriguing stuff that readers might not be aware of about. This trend also includes using TikTok communities as a platform for personal development. They pick up new insights and find a plethora of opportunities. Hashtags like #Advice and #GrowthMindset are pertinent examples. Creating approachable, relatable material that connects with your fans should also be your main priority—using hashtags like #ComeWithMe allows you to include your followers in your everyday activities, fostering a sense of community and connection.


In addition to offering three critical trends for marketers to watch in 2023, TikTok’s most recent trend report includes a concise summary of 2022. You are not required to read the complete study unless you choose to do so. We have provided you with a concise summary of the key points and particular instances found in the report.



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