Why do the Retailers have to Check Age of the Players Before Onboarding?

The gaming industry is now not only limited to video games, it is now more than this. They are not just used for entertainment purposes, individuals are even earning money through it. The industry that secures revenue is not free from the risk of hackers. The scammers hack the accounts of the gamers and use them for their illicit acts. Therefore the website has to check age of the individual before granting access. The number of malware attacks has increased rapidly, in 2022, the education sector has detected a 157% increase in the attacks.

Importance of the Online Age Check

Online shopping is very common these days, clients can easily buy any product from the comfort of their home. They do not have to visit the store to buy anything, e-commerce has created convenience for people. But it also has some dark side, as these websites contain some products that are not good for the minors such as alcohol. The children can easily buy these things, and it is harmful to their health. To control such issues the government has made it essential for organizations to integrate the age validation checks. These verifiers properly check the identity of the user and then grant them access.

How Age Checks Can Control Cyber Scams?

Cybercrime cases are increasing daily, hackers are coming up with new tricks and techniques to decode the algorithm. Retailers use the online check age, to restrict illegal acts. There is a probability that minors can use their parent’s identity cards to bypass the age checks. To control such fraudulent acts the websites check the lives of the customer, and they ensure that the hacker is not performing phishing to get access to the account. Other than this the clients also have to go through multiple verification steps, and every phase measures the validity of the user. Therefore it is impractical to say that any unknown person can decode the system.

How Companies Can Increase their Revenue through Biometric Solutions?

  • The company checks Age verification to ensure that they are interacting with the right user. Organizations can reduce their risk rate if they are rewarded for the activity of their customers. The retailers must have to collect the documents from the clients so that they can get their thorough records. The clients have to submit their identity card and bank statement records, after this, their address verification is done.
  • The companies can satisfy their clients also, they can give them seamless services. The biometric solutions create convenience for the users, they do not have to wait for their turn, and they can be verified in seconds. The advanced solutions also sense the feelings of the client by reading their face and checking whether they are content with the product or not.
  • Some individuals do not buy anything from the websites and they just create traffic for the other users. The organizations can provide seamless services to their clients, by allowing only potential clients to reach the website. This company can also target their actual customers, they do not have to invest in irrelevant people.

What Happens if the Company Does Not Check Age of the Users?

The rising fraudulent activities are increasing the cost of cybercrimes, therefore the companies must safeguard their interests. It is the core value of businesses to protect the personal records of the customers. The company which is not protected against data breaches, their brand image is also affected. The businesses that are prone to fraudulent activities, the clients do not prefer to interact with such companies. In the digital age, when the company faces any crime, this news spreads in the market. Due to this, the other clients also do not prefer to associate with such organizations. The affected organization has to face both monetary and reputational damage, other than this they also lose their customers. The businesses must have to check age verification so that they can lower their risk rate.


The developed countries use biometric solutions to increase their profit rate. In this digital era compliance with the latest technology is very crucial, as they check age of the users. If the company has onboarded any illegitimate users, then they have to face complications. The advanced tools increase the surveillance of the gaming website, as only legitimate customers can bypass the system. The businesses can onboard, verify, and monitor the activities of the individuals so that they can associate with authentic people. The companies must have to comply with the rules of the regulatory authorities so that they can be safeguarded against data breaches.

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