Best Beef Wellington Delivery in London

For the very best beef Wellington delivery in London, make sure you check out Parson’s Nose. They are one of the finest butcher shops in London and has a huge online shop with a large range of meats, condiments, side dishes and ready-to-heat-and-serve meals, including their famous Beef Wellington dish.

From Parson’s Nose Kitchen to Your Table
At Parson’s Nose, their team of chefs and butchers can take the stress out of your next dinner party or family gathering. They create beautiful meals and side dishes in their high-quality kitchen, made from the freshest ingredients around. They have everything from beef to veal, pork and wagyu. You can have fresh meat delivered to you the next day, or a complete meal kit just ready to heat in the oven and serve.

The Best Beef Wellington Delivery
Beef Wellington is a famous dish that’s been around since the 1800s. The popular dish originated in 1815 to celebrate Arthy Wellesley, when he became the first Duke of Wellington. The dish of tender beef, seared and coated in pâté and duxelles, was created to commemorate the victory the Duke of Wellington had over Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo. At Parson’s Nose Online Butchers in London, they make one of the best Beef Wellingtons in the UK and can have it delivered fresh and ready to serve to your door. 

So, for the best beef Wellington delivery, make sure you get in touch with Parson’s Nose and have a browse through their online shop.

What Makes the Best Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington is certainly not an easy dish to prepare, so why not leave it to the chefs at Parson’s Nose? They begin with the very best cut of free-range, tenderloin steak, prepare it with care and precision, and cook it just right so it’s seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. They then make the pâté and the duxelles, coat the meat expertly and then wrap it all up in pastry and bake it at just the right temperature. The key ingredients for Beef Wellington are tenderloin beef, ground beef, pâté, mushrooms, pastry, onions, butter, herbs and more.

Visit today and order one of their delicious and famous Beef Wellingtons for your table.

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